Defining the standard for 

governance and leadership 

in healthcare

Clinical Governance for  Boards

Healthcare Boards have significant responsibility regarding the clinical oversight of the organisations they serve. Our training is delivered by medical practitioners but designed for non-clinical participants to provide practical, useful information which will equip Board members with the essential knowledge required.

Clinical Governance for Senior Clinicians

Clinical governance provides a system through which clinicians and managers are jointly accountable for patient safety and quality care. Our training provides clinicians with information and strategies to ensure optimum care for patients which will enhance leadership skills and promote greater collaboration.

Effective Respectful Workplace Workshops

Working with others can be stressful and working in a busy healthcare environment can be especially difficult when tensions arise. Our workshops provide participants with the skills and knowledge to navigate these situations; drawing on personal experience and delivered by clinicians with unique insight, these interactive sessions will help promote respectful, harmonious workplaces.

Quality Improvement for Clinicians

The community expects that registered medical practitioners practice competently and ethically throughout their working lives and provide safe care to patients. Our Quality Improvement Program provides clinicians with access to online training, mentoring and feedback supplied by highly experienced and qualified doctors.


Whether in preparation for audit, in response to an incident or as part of best practice processes, Healthcare Governance can conduct reviews of individuals, teams or departments and provide a comprehensive report including recommendations and strategies for improvement. Our reviews are conducted by experienced doctors and allied health professionals with a deep understanding of the national safety and quality standards and how best to achieve compliance within a demanding healthcare environment.


A comprehensive ‘return to clinical practice’ plan with mentoring, self-reflection, peer feedback and other skill development as required by Medical Boards, Colleges, and other professional bodies.